Traditional lens materials force a decision between the benefits of clarity and color control or durability and impact resistance. No other material possesses the best of both.


DIAMIX lens material optimizes durability and impact resistance while maintaining the highest degree of clarity and color control.


With minimal haze and ultra sharp optics, DIAMIX lenses appear crystal clear. With a high degree of color control, DIAMIX lenses handle engineered tints and bandpass filters properly with no bi-refringence or edge effects found in other lens materials. The highly durable material creates stable optics that won’t permanently deform when flexed or degrade over time through repeated use.


Offers an optically pure viewing experience with ultralight,
ergonomic properties

• low density with lighter lenses
• higher light transmission rate enhances clarity
• higher ABBE value for distortion free viewing
• medium index of refraction (1.51) allows for thinner lenses than CR39

i-AMP Lens Technology is comprised of the following elements:


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